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Every woman is an expert in her own body. In this blog you’ll learn the art of mindful listening, asking your body the right questions, and strategies to keep you motivated and accountable as you heal. My desire is to see you achieve long-term vibrant health through the guidance and support in this blog meant to gradually heal and improve your daily nutrition and lifestyle.

Heal your gut and renew your mind with practical tips, and healthy recipes from my kitchen, to yours.


We all know that moment when we are finishing up the day’s work, planning our trip home, and beginning to think about what we are going to have for dinner. It may just be cooking for one or cooking for a family — regardless of size, cooking can feel incredibly overwhelming. There are many reasons […]

From the high fiber content to the long list of micronutrients, leafy greens are staples in a healthy diet. We all know that leafy greens are good for us, but it can be challenging to eat enough of them in a day. The same old salad can get bland quickly, but there are plenty of […]



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Certified Gut Health Coach focused on healing the brain-gut connection. For years I suffered from severe health issues that left my body in ongoing pain. Now, decades later, I feel incredible and in this blog, I tell you exactly how I did it.

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Get instant access to the “8 Superfoods for the Gut” guide.

A list of delicious foods to heal your body from the inside, out. Keep your gut happy and functioning properly by incorporating these tasty treats into your everyday routine.


Get instant access to the
“8 Superfoods for the Gut” guide.

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